Hunza Live water and Beauty

Hunza Live water and Beauty

This article is for everyone who wants to look good and stay young at all times and what if we say it might be possible without makeup and botox treatment and by simply changing your drinking water.

Hydrogen rich Alkaline water has miraculous properties which helps you stay young from outside and within both.

Let us see how Hunza Live Water / Hydrogen rich Alkaline water benefits skin, hair and body. 

1. Reduces Signs of Aging

Oxidation is the process where oxygen chemically bonds with other substances. This can damage and destroy cells resulting in different signs of aging and diseases. Hunza Live Water helps fight this age-promoting process. With its high negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) level and alkaline mineral content, it can aid in flushing out free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). Reactive Oxygen Species Definition: Chemically reactive chemicals with oxygen molecules.

2. Hydrates the Skin

Proper hydration is an important prerequisite to healthy skin. Dehydration may lead to dryness, flakiness, and oiliness. To achieve glowing skin, the body has to flush out toxins. Adequate hydration results in a more efficient toxin expulsion. Additionally, when the skin isn’t sufficiently hydrated, it produces more oil as a defense mechanism of sort leading to more oiliness and increasing the chances of acne breakouts. Hunza Live Water, specifically, is ultra hydrating because it contains hydrogen, the smallest element on Earth. Thus, it absorbs into the cells faster. And since it’s alkaline, it allows for faster gastric emptying.

3. May Help with Hair Loss

Oxidative damage can result in hair loss, too. The antioxidant properties of Hunza Live Water may help flush out free radicals that cause this process, as mentioned earlier. Drinking Hunza Live Water and following an healthy diet may help slow down age-related hair loss.

4. Helps Protect Hair from Grease or Dryness

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and our scalp is a part of it. The hydrating benefits of Hunza Live Water can promote a healthy scalp which helps in having strong and healthier hair.

5. Gives More Energy

The ideal blood pH is around 7.35. When this level increases or drops, our ability to function may be compromised. To transport oxygen to each cell of the body, red blood cells do this by having a negative charge that lets them keep separate and repel each other. When the body is acidic, too much acid can disrupt the negative charge and result in compromised blood flow in the capillaries decreasing the amount of oxygen distributed and the rate at which it’s delivered. As a result, energy levels are decreased and this can also weaken the red blood cells which can produce more acid. Drinking Hunza Live Water to stabilize body pH levels may reverse or prevent this from happening.

It is evident from above theories that Hunza Live Water keeps the body young.

So it’s time to adopt Hunza Live Water and stay young. Visit for more details.


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