Hunza Live water over Plain Water

Hunza Live water over Plain Water

Balancing the pH level in your body goes a long way in helping you stay healthy. This is the reason why many people recommend drinking Ionized Alkaline water. The main difference between alkaline and plain water is alkaline water neutralizes the acid present in water.  The tap water that we receive is highly acidic, which can lead to a number of health problems. While RO does clean the water but in the process removes the essential minerals also from the water, keeping the water acidic only. So to stay away from diseases and viruses, you also need to check the pH level of the water. Ionization process through scientific electrolysis method balances the pH level in water to make it suitable for consumption. 

This article discusses some of the health benefits of drinking Hunza Live Water or Ionized Alkaline water on a daily basis.

Balances pH level of your Body

Your body tries to maintain the pH level naturally. However, if your body is too acidic, your systems need to work extra hard to maintain the pH balance. When your body is too acidic, it also interferes with the functioning of your body cells. As the food we eat is too acidic, it affects the pH level of your body. When your body is too acidic, you are more vulnerable to diseases. As compared to plain water, drinking  Hunza Live Water helps you maintain the pH level in your body and avoid diseases.

Helps in Detoxification

One of the main benefits of drinking alkaline water is detoxification. Alkaline water flushes out toxins from the body that lead to a number of health problems. In addition to eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, you also need to drink at least 8 glasses of alkaline water to detoxify your body. The reason is alkaline water raises the pH level of your urine, thereby improving your kidney function and detoxifying your body.

Improves Immune System

Regular intake of Hunza Live Water plays an important role in boosting the immune system. When your body is in the alkaline state, it boosts your immune system. Alkaline water naturally neutralized the free radicals, thereby cleansing the toxins present in your body. Drinking alkaline water regularly will significantly improve your immune system and also provide long-term health benefits.

Helps Lose Weight

Another benefit of using an alkaline water filter on a daily basis is it helps you lose weight. Junk foods have become a part of our diet; however, unhealthy junk food significantly increases acidity in your body. To neutralize this acidity, your body produces more fat cells resulting in weight gain. Drinking Hunza Live Water on a daily basis neutralizes acidity in your body and avoid weight gain.

Better Hydration

Studies have shown that alkaline water provides better hydration than plain water. Hunza Live Water hydrates as well as rehydrates you faster and better than plain water. As a lot of people suffer from chronic dehydration, drinking Hunza Live Water can be of great help to deal with the problem and stay healthy.


There are numerous benefits of drinking alkaline water. Considering the benefits of alkaline water, it is advisable to drink Hunza Live Water or you can say Ionized Alkaline water. You can now bring home Hunza Water Ionizer which generates Ionized Alkaline water. To find out more about Hunza Water Ionizer, visit our website .


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