It is important to know why we named our Water Ionizer Machine as HUNZA 

There is Valley located in Kashmir named Hunza Valley and is considered as a “Blue Zone”, which is an area where people are known to live long, healthy and vibrant lives. In fact, people here have the lifespan of 110-122 years, which is amongst longest in the world. The population of Hunza is largely free of disease and chronic illness, thus people live for longer life spans without huge health complications.

There are many factors to longevity, but the bulk of the research done on this population comes down to Hunza water. Hunza water is H2O in its most pure and natural form. The Hunza water comes from melted glaciers. This water has a few marked differences due to its source.

The reason of longevity of Hunza people has been studied by many, one among them is Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Henri Coanda – also known as “the father of fluid dynamics”.

He has spent six decades studying Hunza water in an attempt to unearth just what it is about the stuff that literally gives people life without disease. And this is what he has concluded.

  • It contains negatively-charged hydrogen ions – This is important because hydrogen is one of the most powerful antioxidants. This helps to neutralize free radicals in the body. In addition to living in a society with little to no pollution or environmental toxins, it’s no wonder these people are living 120 years!
  • Presence of essential minerals – This is important as they increase the immunity of the body and act as a anti ageing agents.
  • Mineral colloids efficiently deliver nutrition – Basically, a specific “activator” reduces the size of the nutritional elements of Hunza water. However, it doesn’t compromise the actual nutrition – it just makes it more compact, thus easier for the body’s cells to receive.
  • Lower surface tension In essence, this means that Hunza water more closely resembles the water found around the cells in our body. 
  • Increased “net charge” – Basically, fluids are able to move between cells, flush out toxins and absorb more water into the cells.
  • High alkaline pH – This can naturally help the body to neutralize acids and regulate pH levels which has been linked to reducing the risk of cancer and – you guessed it – a longer life!

Thus we are so inspired by goodness of Hunza Water that we decided to name our Water Ionizer as Hunza Water Ionizer. It is not a mere coincidence that the goodness of water produced through our machines matches closely with the qualities of water found in Hunza Valley which Dr. Henri Coanda has claimed.

http://www.biophysica.com/hunza.html link where you can read more about research of Dr. Henri Coanda about Hunza water

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