Benefits of Alkaline drinking water in the treatment of reflux diseases

Benefits of Alkaline drinking water in the treatment of reflux diseases

As we all know our body is composed of  various systems and organs, but cells are at the basis of every change, reaction, growth, maintenance and decay that occurs in the body.  All wastes the cells and the body excrete are acidic.  At the root of all health [of cells and body as a whole] is a properly functioning waste disposal system, and at the root of that is a properly, pH-balanced body. 

And if this waste which are cells and body excrete due to our lifestyle these days are not eliminated properly we are tend to catch reflux disease. 

The human body is designed to handle a lot, but with long term abuse your body’s waste disposal systems, its ability to handle wastes, can become compromised.

When I say waste disposal, I’m not just talking about bowel movements. Every cell in your body requires a properly working waste disposal system. Cellular waste is a term that means any byproduct of the cell’s metabolism that can’t be used by the cell. Wastes are acidic, toxic to the cell, and require alkaline buffers to be gotten rid of.  If buffers are readily available the wastes can be removed from the cells into the interstitial fluids and from there the body can use its normal systems to remove them from the body.

Metabolism happens inside the body’s cells, and the byproducts of metabolism [things the cells cannot use — toxins] need to be removed or the cells will die.  Cell metabolism, reproduction & repair, combined, create more acidic byproducts [wastes] than eating and drinking.

Once acidic wastes are neutralized they can be safely removed from the cells.  From there your body’s larger systems [circulation, sweat, kidneys, and breathing] will remove them from the body.

There is a proper study done on how Alkaline water helps in getting rid of reflux disease. And the conclusion was Unlike conventional drinking water (RO Water), alkaline water instantly denatures pepsin, rendering it permanently inactive. In addition, it has good acid-buffering capacity. Thus, the consumption of alkaline water has therapeutic benefits for patients with reflux disease.

You can read the study in detail by clicking

Thus why not to switch to Natural Alkaline water and keep the reflux disease at bay. One easier way to generate Natural Alkaline water at home is through HUNZA Water Ionizer.

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