Healing Properties of Hydrogen Water

Healing Properties of Hydrogen Water

Now a days, health has become a major concern for every person living on earth as we are battling with lot of diseases and viruses. But what if we say that simple and natural thing like Hunza Live Water, can contribute to making one’s body super-healthy and resistant to disease. Hunza Live Water is nothing but Ionized Alkaline water with Hydrogen Antioxidants.

Excess acidity is the root cause of many dozen of diseases like obesity, fungus, cancer, bone density loss etc..

And excess body acidity is caused by 

• Stressful lifestyles

• Junk food or poor diet

• Lack of exercise

• Over-exercise

So let us see how does Hydrogen Antioxidant water helps alleviate so many diseases?

  • It helps to buffer toxins (which are usually acidic) and get them released from cells, tissues and organs.
  • The free-hydrogen antioxidants help to fight or prevent any and all diseases caused by free-radicals
  • It helps to dissolve and release fats, which are trapped in one’s fat cells. 
  • Drinking Hydrogen water regularly between meals helps to keep the colon and intestines healthy. This means it helps both the cells of the intestinal wall plus helps provide the right pH for the survival of good flora within the colon. Because the colon and intestines are so influential on the body’s overall health and immunity, one can live a much healthier life when the good flora get to live in the right environment.
  • The antioxidants in Hydrogen water also help to keep plaque (hardening) from forming inside blood-vessels. 
  • The fact that Hydrogen water is smaller clusters of water and are lipid-soluble is important to prevent the dangers of dehydration inside the cells themselves. Dehydration occurs when either the water we consume can’t penetrate cells and goes right out of the body (without hydrating our cells) or when we don’t drink enough water at all Either of these a grave concern for anyone trying to overcome or prevent illness.

And all this is well documented in US National Library of Medicine website https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31251888 through a study.

Hydrogen water is generated through Hunza Water Ionizer machine which are now manufactured in India and are very affordable.

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